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Advanced usage of DELTAGEN Add Ons

 4 luglio 2019 dalle ore 15.00 

Developing new product is a huge challenge in the "Age of Experience"!

What if we want to experience a product in virtual reality? What if we want to check the gaps and flushes of a product? What if we want to experience the mechanics of a car while driving it? What if we have to generate huge amounts of media for the end consumer and dealership in different configurations? If so, DELTAGEN Product Family comes to the rescue! DELTAGEN got lots of further tools and plugins that will push the limits further apart to deliver even more of the endless possibilities we can achieve with DELTAGEN! As "experience" is the core value of the software, DELTAGEN Product Family delivers all the industry's needs to experience the product.

DELTAGEN is a great software to “experience” your product. It elevates your product from a simple CAD model to a physically correct visualized digital model with all kinds of materials, configurations, animations, and environments.

This serves all purposes from analyzing design iterations and studying engineering parts, further to creating live presentations, several product configurations and creating media assets for marketing purposes.

Experience going further beyond! Join the webinar!